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Court Services.....This website is designed so you can monitor progress of all defendants no matter what work-site they are assigned to. Monthly progress reports are available for all sites and information is updated in real time by work-site managers. Contact information as well as case information and daily progress is included for each defendant so that you can monitor their prograss and contact them directly if needed.
Work-Site Managers.....This website is a 100% web-based community service and volunteer management solution for any non-profit. Community service data is unified in a single-source, web-hosted database that provides greater flexibility, accessibility, cost effectiveness, and security for your organization and the workers assigned to your location. The website provides a complete view of all community service workers involvement, needs, and contact information, This password protected information is available anytime, anywhere with internet access, so leaders can spend more time leading and less time on paperwork.
Community Service Workers.....If the Judge or Courts told you to find your own site, you can start using this website right away. Just click the link below to register now. Enter all your information and indicate under special details that the Judge or Court told you to find your own location. When we receive your information we will provide you with a list of non-profits to contact for hours. On the other hand....If the Courts require you to contact Probation, You must report to Probation before starting any hours. Probation may have other required paperwork that you must fill out before any of your hours will count. Be sure to visit Probation if required before completing any hours.
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